Need to setup a payment plan? I suit plans to your needs with a minimum down payment. This way you can get out of jail now and take care of the finances later, once you’ve gotten back to your job and family.

When you call, just know that I’ll do everything I can to get you out of jail.

Ryan Mullinax, owner of Allergic to Handcuffs.

Need to make a payment for your bail bond fees? We have a few different options available for you.

Credit Card via Paypal

If you want to use your credit card or Paypal account, just click the Paypal button below and your payment will be processed immediately.

Client Name


Mail a Check

If you’d rather pay by check, just make it out to Allergic to Handcuffs and mail it to:

Allergic To Handcuffs
3026 Midway Dr.
Suite D
San Diego, CA 92110


Pay by Phone

If you’d like to pay by phone using your credit card, just give us a call at 619-512-4111.

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