Allergic To Handcuffs is the highest rated San Diego bail bonds company according to Yelp!

Mary P.

I have used Ryan for several years now to bail my clients out in a pinch. I 've been practicing for 24 years, and Ryan is really the most ethical bondsman I have ever known, and I 've known a great many. He will continue to be my "go to" person whenever I need to assist a client.

Mary P. Bail Bonds April 18, 2016

Colin G.

Ryan was helpful and informative. Went above and beyond.... And I never write reviews. So trust me with this guy.

Colin G. Bail Bonds April 18, 2016

Morgan P.

Got a call and found out I had a surprise bench warrant. Had heard about Ryan being able to take care of warrants without being arrested so I called him immediately. Ryan is the best! Took care of the warrant and my peace of mind. The whole process was stressful and scary but he made everything run so smooth. Extremely understanding and professional. Will be referring him to anyone who needs help. Thank you again for all that you've done.

Morgan P. Bail Bonds April 18, 2016

Nikki T.

When I had to bail a loved one out of jail, I had no idea what to expect. I expected to feel scared, cheated, and uncomfortable. Fortunately, Allergic was nothing that I expected. They made me feel comfortable and were incredibly professional the entire time. They knew that this was nothing I had ever dealt with before and they made sure I went through the process with ease. I am very grateful that I had Ryan and his team by my side throughout everything because they made it painless and without judgement. Thank you guys!

Nikki T. Bail Bonds April 18, 2016

Fanny C.

There are a lot of bail bond agencies out there, but I have to say that Allergic To Handcuffs bail bonds is definitely the best one!  Ryan is on call literally at all times of the day, because lets be real, people get arrested at all times of the day.  If you need someone who is reliable, prompt, and understanding, CALL THEM!

Fanny C. Bail Bonds July 29, 2016

Philip G.

There are solid people in the bail business and there are, well, scumbags.  Sanctuary Bail are the kind of people you want to work with.  Genuinely caring, organized and detailed.  Helpful, knowledgeable and always available.  I have worked with Ryan on simple and complicated bonds and he has taken great care of my clients.  I highly recommend their services.

Philip G. Bail Bonds July 29, 2016

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